Stone Barn Classic Cars with over 30 years of combined experience is uniquely qualified to restore your treasured automobile. Our staff has restored everything from Duesenbergs to Voisins. All work is carried out right here in our shop, we do not farm your car out to other shops.
With all of our services, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Stone Barn offers its unique hand-crafted service taking a vehicle through every phase of restoration or restructuring. While we can provide a relatively fast restoration when absolutely necessary, the staff prefers to have sufficient time to provide the loving care and attention to detail for which it has become known countrywide.

Many of the cars coming in for our attention carry license plates attesting to their historic designation. We are privileged to be the singular company allowed to work on these rolling artworks. We take as much pride in our efforts restoring these vehicles as their owners have in owning them.

Stone Barn is a vintage car restoration company based around a highly talented & experienced group of craftsmen. Specialising in the restoration & re-creation of historic vehicle bodywork for both trade customers and private individuals.We pride ourselves in our capacity to provide accurate restorations where originality is paramount. Examples of our restoration work can be seen at the Concours d'Elegances throughout the country.

We encourage our clients to visit us. It makes sense to visit a facility in person and meet the people who will be restoring your prized automobile first hand and to inspect the finished work. Once you see our quality, you will be confident that you have chosen the right company.

We are not for everyone but if you have to have the very best then we are your shop. For those of you who are extremely pressed for time running your own business and simply can not get away, we have put this web site together for you so that you can get a flavor of what we do. Please take the time to visit the entire site to get an idea of our custom capabilities. We feel confident that once you tour our shops and see our quality restoring first hand, you will be sold on our company. Give us a call to discuss your project so we can get started in bringing your dreams to reality.